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Endometriosis, Sobriety, and Stand-Up: Tiffany Haddish's Courageous Path to Healing


This episode of The Conversation with comedian Tiffany Haddish is filled with gems of wisdom and humor. Tiffany was so generous with sharing her stories about new sobriety, her endometriosis diagnosis, as well as the multitude of challenging times from her childhood as a kid in the foster system, taking care of her siblings and managing her mothers mental illness. I am so curious to hear what you think about this vulnerable interview with Tiffany.

Trigger Warning for our listeners - please be advised, that this episode talks about sexual assault.

Keep having meaningful conversations…. 


Amanda X


  • [00:25] The discussion begins with how trauma, as bad as it is, can inspire you to be accomplished and successful

  • [01:26] Tiffany Haddish shares how her mother's schizophrenia framed her childhood and life

  • [07:25] Amanda and Tiffany compare their journeys to adulthood, and Tiffany admits that she has been an “emotional hoarder”

  • [09:09] Tiffany reveals her addiction, her struggle with endometriosis, and what she has done to cope

  • [23:10] How pain can force you to take control of your health

  • [30:54] Discussion about CBD, keeping stress levels down, a court case and sexual abuse when she was 13

  • [40:26] Tiffany reveals her thoughts and experiences with foster care during her childhood and how she releases stress through humor

  • [35:54] Tiffany talks about her arrests and why she will remain sober, other health considerations, mocktails and hangover results

  • [1:00:25] Discussion about the books Tiffany has authored, the men she’s dating and sexual pleasure


  • Trauma victims keep events, feelings, and emotions inside themselves until they realize they can’t medicate trauma. You need therapy to be able to unpack the feelings you are hoarding. 

  • Women are good at dismissing pain. Women try hard not to acknowledge pain, and therefore, it doesn’t exist. Women are caretakers for others and often forget to care for themselves. 

  • Alcohol abuse causes, DUIs, child abuse, spousal abuse, and other traumas because people do not have control of their minds and actions. Statistics prove so many tragedies happen because alcohol or drug abuse is involved.

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